Currency rates


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USD 1.75 1.84
EUR 1.837 1.9585
GBP 2.149 2.291
RUR 0.0296 0.0316
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USD 1.753 1.837
EUR 1.84 1.9555
GBP 2.152 2.288
RUR 0.0296 0.0315
CHF 1.7252 1.8394
CAD 1.322 1.4095
TRY 0.4774 0.509
JPY 1.5308 1.6321
AED 0.471 0.5022
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Settlement Services

DemirBank offers legal entities, both residents and non-residents, settlement services in local and foreign currency.

  • Opening a current/ on-demand account in AZN, USD, EUR and other currency
  • Transfering and adding funds to the account – in cash or non-cash form
  • Withdrawal/delivery of amounts from the account in cash
  • Bank transfers within Azerbaijan and abroad
  • Issue of references and account statements, copies of payment orders
  • Currency conversion – exchange, purchase and sales
  • Collector services – transportation of cash from one place to another
  • Internet-bank – various distance banking transactions from office or other place via Internet without visiting the bank.

DemirBank is the member of such payment systems as  S.W.I.F.T., AZİPS and  XÖHKS, and also has correspondent accounts in leading banks of Azerbaijan, Europe, USA and CIS, that allows fast and quality transfers within country and abroad.

The rules for opening a current / on-demand account

For opening a current account, the individual customers (as well as individuals engaged in entrepreneurial activity) need to submit the following documents to the selected branch:

  • Application for opening an account (application form is provided in the Bank)
  • Copies of identification documents (copied in the Bank)
  • Card with the specimen of signature (provided in the Bank)

Settlement services are provided under the agreement between DemirBank and the Client in accordance with established tariffs.