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USD 1.65 1.715
EUR 1.7675 1.8445
GBP 2.1105 2.202
RUR 0.0291 0.0304
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USD 1.653 1.712
EUR 1.7705 1.8415
GBP 2.1135 2.199
RUR 0.0291 0.0303
CHF 1.6526 1.7243
CAD 1.2228 1.2758
TRY 0.449 0.4684
JPY 1.5122 1.5778
AED 0.4486 0.468
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General information

Nowadays hundreds of million of people use plastic cards, that is very comfortable and has number of advantages compared to cash.

Opportunities and advantages of plastic cards

  • Opportunity of twenty-four-hour daily use of the card in Azerbaijan and 200 countries around the world;
  • Opening card account in AZN, USD, EUR and in British pounds (GBP);
  • Non-cash settlements and withdrawal of cash in abovementioned and other currencies, including the local currency of other countries;
  • Non-cash settlement (commission free) of goods and services in more than 50 million trading and servicing organizations throughout the world;
  • Possibility of withdrawing cash from 2 million ATMs and bank offices;
  • Payment of goods and services through Internet;
  • Receiving bank statement – information on card account via ATM or on mobile phone.


Additional opportunities and services of plastic cards

  • Interest-free credit line
  • Card-to-Card service
  • SMS-Banking service
  • 3D Secure service
  • Cash by Code service

DemirBank's extensive branches and ATM network allow comfortable use of Bank's plastic cards.

Order and receipt of plastic cards

  • Ordering the card – to order the card the customer shall approach one of the branches of the bank with identification card for signing documents and paying annual service fee. Receiving the card – the card can be received at the same branch on 3rd working day from the date of order.  
  • The card can also be ordered by online-application from the Bank’s website. In that case the client visits the Bank only once to get the card.

The holders of plastic cards may pay their communications, utilities, Internet, credits and other expenses on Internet-payments page of DemirBank's website.

You can get additional information about plastic cards having sent your question to .