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USD 1.65 1.715
EUR 1.7675 1.8445
GBP 2.1105 2.202
RUR 0.0291 0.0304
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USD 1.653 1.712
EUR 1.7705 1.8415
GBP 2.1135 2.199
RUR 0.0291 0.0303
CHF 1.6526 1.7243
CAD 1.2228 1.2758
TRY 0.449 0.4684
JPY 1.5122 1.5778
AED 0.4486 0.468
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We offer a wide range of banking services to customers and work for the improvement of their welfare and development.

Strategic vision

Our vision is to get a leading position in digital banking in the country providing them with fast and quality service through innovative products and services in order to save customers time.



Our Mission is to gain entrepreneurs” trust by offering diversity of targeted products and uninterrupted service to them.


Our goals

  • To become an integrated service center to the customer with a proposal of targeted products and services.
  • To achieve fast, continuous service application via alternative sales channels (digital banking).
  • To become the closest business partner of SME segment by high-quality service.